Hi, I’m Chessa.

I’m a freelance B2B Conversion Copywriter based in Paris, France.

I’m so glad you stopped by!

I began copywriting as an opportunity to flex the marketing muscles I’d built while working in the collegiate property management industry, while also providing for myself an escape from that same collegiate property management industry.

One thing I never minded during that drudgery was the switch to a new property management software (of which there were many)! Learning the ins and outs of new platforms was addicting and the opportunity to blend those two loves – copywriting and software – is even more so.

My Copywriting process

1. Planning Call

With each new project, I host an initial 20-minute planning call to flesh out your business’s specific copy needs. The topics we’ll cover include: your competitors, target audience, and overall marketing strategy. We’ll also identify your internal stakeholders, timeframe, and budget.

3. Research & Discovery

Every project begins with research. I’ll never write a word without first identifying what messages the prospects you’re trying to convert need to hear, when and where in the sales process they need to hear them, and how those messages need to be said for maximum impact.

5. Editing

On or before the agreed upon deadline, you’ll receive your first draft. I welcome feedback and am open to your thoughts and suggestions. I include two rounds of edits in my agreements to ensure the end results are exactly what you’re looking for. Once I know you’re happy with your marketing pieces, the remaining half of my service fee will be due and upon receipt, I’ll promptly send over the finalized versions of your copy.

2. Proposal

Within one business day, I’ll send you a detailed proposal listing the services I’ll provide, timeframe, cost, and terms of our agreement. I usually request half of the fee upfront to get started. Once the signed agreement and payment are received, I begin researching your project.

4. Writing & Wireframing

Here comes the fun part: I’ll write. Using the information gathered from our meetings and my own research, I’ll create compelling and engaging copy that speaks directly to your desired audience and addresses their main pain points. If needed, I can offer suggestions for wireframing.

6. Validation

Despite what some would have you believe, optimizing for conversion is an iterative process that almost always starts with a losing variation. But don’t worry, because you’ve got me! And I’ve got split testing from which I can craft variants to test against your control (this will have been included in your initial proposal). It’s important that my copy net you the conversions you expect and experimentation is how I make that happen.

It’s about time you boosted those conversions.